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Editorial (Issue 30)
Jan 1, 2000

Interactive Process

Time continues its relentless movement forward at an ever-faster pace. Despite of all the technological advancements and other labor-saving devices that are aimed at making our lives simpler and carefree, we still feel the burden of keeping up-to-date with developments and becoming more productive by using our time wisely. As every day brings more information, it becomes difficult to determine what should have priority and what can be postponed or ignored.

The Fountain seeks to help you with this hard task. Although it is not possible to freeze time, we can lessen its impact by providing you with information designed to help you expand your worldview, to re-interpret spiritual and scientific information so that it becomes personal knowledge. We believe that this knowledge will awaken a desire in your mind and heart, which will transform it into wisdom.

In this issue, we present an article on the relation between healing and faith. At the end of the millennium, many scientists began to move away from the traditional mechanical methods of the universe. Ordinary Americans and people across the world are increasingly exhibiting a strong interest in alternative medicines, such as acupuncture, meditation, herbal foods supplements and drinks, and a wish to find some way around chemical-based medicines that cure only one problem only by causing a host of unwelcomed side-effects. The health industry has been conducting research of their own to see if their proponents' claims have any basis in truth. Also, scientists are more willing to study possible relationships between mind and matter, breaking a long-standing taboo. Psychologists have conducted experiments and research to see if a person's faith and outlook on life can influence his or her recovery. We consider this a positive trend, for each individual has both spiritual and physical dimensions. Focusing on just one dimension to the total exclusion of the other cannot cure the individual completely. This new holistic approach to solving people's problems and illnesses should open an entire new branch for medicine.

Another article focuses on humanity's progress to happiness and decline to misery. Human beings have a special rank in the universe, for they are the only members of creations who can change the face of the world. Using their God-given comprehensive abilities to drive themselves forward, only human beings can change themselves by submitting themselves to God and living as He wants us to live. Thousands of civilizations, both past and present, show us how these abilities can be seeds for peace, understanding, and positive progress, as well as seeds for destruction and desolation. This article sheds light on these issues from a spiritual perspective.

As readers of The Fountain, your expectations are very important to us. Publishing The Fountain is an interactive process-you contribute articles, comments, and support, and we spread your views to a much larger audience than they would otherwise reach. Such an interactive relationship has mutual benefits, and has potential far-reaching results. Any act that has wide support and appeal result in cultural variation and richness, and broadens people's thoughts, ideas, and intellect. The Fountain is dedicated to playing such a role, and seeks your continued support in this worthwhile effort. Therefore, rest assured that your feedback and articles will find a receptive audience among our staff members.

The Fountain staff is eagerly looking forward to receiving your submissions for our writing competition! We hope that our young scholars will also grab this opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, and outlook on life with people who seek to understand and make sense of the events happening around them, and the ideas and beliefs that give rise to them. Your participation will help us provide answers to those who have these questions.

Enjoy your magazine!