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The Fountain Essay Contest 2018 Shortlist
Apr 18, 2019


Here is the list of The Fountain Essay Contest 2018 participants who made into the shortlist. Winners will be announced on May 31.

  • Opportunity Found in My Mother’s Hands
    By Eirene Vorhees

  • A Journey
    By Reema Shafi

  • At Least
    By Gaye Brown

  • Beyond the Gate
    By Jacqueline Lucero

  • All for the Children of Brubus
    By Patrick Finley

  • Gratitude in the Face of Turmoil
    By Amir Salaam

  • The Art of Being Grateful
    By Kalpana Sharma

  • Grateful for A Soldier’s War
    By Celine Dan Tam Nguyen

  • Gratitude: The Attitude that Matters Most
    By Sai Marie Johnson

  • Gratitude: Not A Choice
    By Katharine Dasek

  • Should We Be Grateful
    By Joana Godwin

  • Grateful for Death
    By Jessica Gurgick

  • Healing through Gratitude
    By Lisa Gomley

  • Daddy’s Girl
    By Jennifer A. Sun

  • What Do You Say?
    By Kimberly Moore

  • Role Reversal: When My 5-Year-Old Student Became My Teacher
    By Purvee Chauhan

  • On Being a Grateful Soul
    By R. H. Dorsey

  • Grateful
    By Mikaela Bagdassarian

  • Homeless
    By Judy Ann Eichstedt

  • Taken for Gratitude
    By L. Dudzik

  • Thank You. Sincerely, Me
    By Alicia Reynolds

  • What Are You Grateful for?
    By Debbie Lam

  • How Gratitude Makes Humanity Human
    By Lauren Wallenfelsz